Homemade Sausage

Ingredients:meatballs 3
1 lb. gr. pork
1/2 t sage
1 t salt
1 t black pepper
1 T brown sugar
1/4 t red pepper flakes
1/4 t cloves
1/2 t cyanne pepper
1/2 t nutmeg

Time: 1-4 hrs. / Servings: 10 / Calories per Serving: 100

Mix all the ingredients together and then place in the fridge and let settle for 1-4 hours.  Then cook the gr. meat however you want.  You can use this to replace any recipe that calls for sausage.

Jamie’s Adjustments:
It is SUPER hard to find reasonably priced sausage in Shanghai that tastes good.  This recipe gives you a decent spiced sausage that’s quick and easy to put together.

Robb’s Notes:
None at the moment.

Credit Where Credit is Due: This recipe is a big mashup of a bunch of different ones, so I get to keep the credit for now.  🙂


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